The 2 Best Harry Josh Hair Dryers in 2021

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Frankly speaking, it is not bad for you to own a low-quality blow dryer that sells at a cheaper price point. But, you’ll probably have to deal with frizziness once your hair dries. 

Now, imagine having one of the best hair dryers in your cabinet that eliminates frizz from your hair and also gives you the hair shine you want. 

Sweetheart, you will waltz around with hair confidence like never before. Want to make this imagination a reality? Grab yourself one of the Harry Josh hair dryers. These hair dryers are a great investment. Let’s show you why. 

Our Recommendations

  • Best salon dryer: Harry Josh Pro Tools: Pro Dryer 2000. It is lightweight, fast, and has a dual filtration system. 
  • Best quiet dryer: Harry Josh Pro Tools: Ultra Light Pro Dryer. Ultralight, faster, quieter, and great for all hair types.

Are Harry Josh Hair Dryers Worth Buying?

If you want to dry your hair without having to deal with dullness and frizziness, then these Harry Josh hair dryers are perfect for you. Equipped with ionic technology, patented cool air flex technology, and ergonomic technology, you would be investing your money on high-quality, effective blow dryers.

Here are two of the best hair dryers from Harry Josh.  

Harry Josh Hair Dryer Reviews

1. Harry Josh Pro Tools: Pro Dryer 2000

Harry Josh Hair Dryer Pro Dryer 2000

If you thought that this hair dryer from the Harry Josh pro tools is an old model from the year 2000, we forgive you. We are more than happy to burst your bubble. 

 First, the title pro dryer 2000 is a reference to the number of hours it can work for without breaking down. In other words, it can operate up to 2000 hours without breaking down. 

Also, if you love washing your hair every time you bathe in the morning, this dryer will dry your hair fast and in a short amount of time. With its power set at 1,875 watts, you never have to worry about going to work in the morning with your hair partly dried. 

A secret: after drying your hair with enough heat, the cold shot button would get you well-defined hair shine. 

It is great for any hair texture. So, if you have curly hair, investing in this Harry Josh hair dryer would make your hair routine easier.

How do I know this? This pro dryer was designed with ionic technology. In other words, it releases negative ions that make it easy to control frizz.

Product specs

ColorMint green
Power1,875 Watts
Hair typeAll hair types
DesignPatented ergonomic design
WarrantyTwo years


  • Incredibly light
  • Quiet
  • Ease of use
  • The drying time is short. But it dries your hair dry faster than a regular blow dryer.


  • It is expensive

Who should pick it?

If you have curly or thick hair, Harry Josh made this quiet hair dryer for you. You won’t need to worry about frizz in your hair after washing and drying. Let’s not forget that the cold shot preserves your hair shine.

Final score

Ergonomic design10/10

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2. Harry Josh Pro Tools: Ultra Light Pro Dryer

Harry Josh hair dryer ultra light pro toolw

One of the things we love about this hair dryer from Harry Josh is the fact that it is a better version of the pro dryer 2000. Here’s what I mean. 

While the pro dryer 2000 is a quiet hair dryer, this hair dryer is quieter. Yes, there are different levels of every feature (lol).

What’s more?

It is also faster than other regular hair or blow dryers in its category. With a motor speed of 94mph, it has a short drying time. Now, you can wash your hair in the morning with the hope that it would completely dry before you get In your car, or on a bus, to work. 

In case you’re wondering, this ultra light pro dryer is also perfect for all hair types from frizzy to oily to fine, etc. 

You want to see something cool? 

Well, this mint-green styling tool has a dual filtration system. The purpose of this filtration system is to reduce the amount of energy it consumes. 

Another cool thing?

Thanks to the patented cool air flex technology, you can touch the nozzle of this dryer without getting your hands burned. 

Product specs

ColorMint green
WeightLess than 1lbs
Power1,875 Watts
Hair typeAll hair types
DesignPatented ergonomic design and patented cool air flex technology
WarrantyTwo years


  • Ultralightweight
  • Really quiet
  • Doesn’t damage the hair
  • Enhances hair shine
  • Control with ease as it has a lot of settings


  • None

Who should pick it?

Generally, this hair dryer is great for different hair types. So, whatever the texture of your hair is – frizzy or thick or fine or natural, etc., this hair dryer will meet your hair needs. 

Final score

Ionic technology10/10
Patented cool air flex technology 10/10
Dual filtration system10/10

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Here’s Why Hair Dryers Are Important For Your Hair

Most people don’t always have the luxury of time to visit their hairstylist every time they need to style their hair. 

Well, while it might be difficult for you to fulfill your salon appointments, you can always style your hair at home by yourself. With a few styling tools and a great hair dryer, you would make magic with your hair.

Having a hair dryer saves you the stress of air drying. While air-drying seems good, your hair would take a long time to dry. In fact, if you have an appointment to catch after washing your hair, you would most likely fulfill the appointment with partly dried hair.

In other words, hair dryers fully dry your hair in a short period of time. 

Aside from that, hair dryers pre mold your hair. As a result, you can achieve any style you want.  

How to use a Harry Josh hair dryer?

Hair dryers are best used on wet hair. After washing your hair, dry with a towel. 

Then, apply your styling products for moisture. After this, begin to section your hair. 

You can use any of the Harry Josh hair clips to successfully and safely section your hair. 

Plug the dryer into an electricity source and turn it on. Then, aim it at your hair and watch your hair dry. 

A note of warning: don’t aim the dryer at a single spot on your hair. You could damage or burn your scalp with the hot air from the dryer if you aim it at a single spot.

Instead, ensure that you keep moving the dryer around every section of your hair. The result? that the heat would touch every part of your hair enough to dry the water out. 

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Our Review Process

We simply analyzed the products based on their specifications. We then looked into the reviews that most of the verified buyers of both the products and other related products like the harry josh pro tools curling iron gave. As a result, our top reviews consist of items with positive reviews from only verified customers who have experienced the item first hand. 

Buyers Guide

Ease of use

First, using the Harry Josh hair dryer is not difficult at all. The patented ergonomic design of the dryer enhances the ease of control. The design makes it comfortable for the end-user to handle the dryer.


Blow dryers should not be heavy. The reason is simple. You have to hold them until your hair dries. Hence, hair dryers should be lightweight for comfort. Luckily, these hair dryers from Harry Josh are lightweight. 


Harry Josh ensured that his hair dryers are as quiet as they can be. While the pro dryer 2000 is quiet, the ultralight dryer is a more quiet hair dryer

Ionic technology

Ionic technology is important for fighting frizz. 

How to use a Harry Josh hair dryer?

To use any of the harry josh hair dryers, start by understanding your hair texture. Do you have frizzy hair? Thick? Thin or fine hair?

Your hair texture determines the styling products you should use. For the best result, utilize the nozzle attachment. 

Luckily, the Harry Josh hair dryer comes with two nozzles -narrow and wide. Section your hair and direct the hot air on each section of your hair. 

Then, direct the hot air with a brush combing through each section to dry it. Ensure the nozzle faces downward. 

Viola! Your hair is dry.

Are Harry Josh hair dryers dual voltage?

No, these hair dryers from Harry josh are not double voltage hair dryers. They are single voltage.

How much does a Harry Josh hair dryer weigh?

They are lightweight. While the Pro dryer weighs 1.16lbs, the ultra light pro dryer is less than 1lbs.

FAQs for Harry Josh Hair Dryer

What is the best hair dryer to buy?

The best hair dryer to buy out of the two Harry Josh hair dryers is the ultra-light pro dryer. The reason is that the ultra-light pro dryer is quieter, faster, and lighter than the pro dryer 2000. In other words, it is the better version.

What is the best professional hair dryer?

The best professional hair dryer would be the Harry Josh pro dryer 2000. It was created for both the professional space and individual purposes. Professional hair stylists can also use the ultra-light pro dryer. It is the better version.

What is Harry Josh hair dryer’s warranty?

These two Harry Josh hair dryers have a two-year warranty. So, If it develops a fault within its warranty period, you can get a new one. 

Are expensive hair dryers really worth it?

Yes, expensive dryers are worth it. Depending on the brand, expensive hair dryers would reduce your drying time. As a bonus, they won’t damage your hair.

Harry Josh Hair Dryers: Conclusion

What’s not to love about the Harry Josh hair dryers? They are lightweight, easy to use, equipped with ionic technology, etc. 

Indeed, the entire Harry Josh pro tools are of immense value. And these hair dryers are no exception. They will transform your hair wash day. By simplifying the process, they will save you time and energy. 

The Harry Josh brand is driven by the need to solve hair related problems that ladies experience. Regardless of your hair texture, the Harry Josh product line has something that meets your needs. 

Learn more about these reviewed products by checking our websites! They would give you plenty of options regardless of your hair needs. 

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  1. Rachel Christensen

    I got my hair dryer in 2019 from Dermstore. I don’t know how to find my warranty information. My blow dryer has been shorting in and out and won’t stay on for longer than 15 or so seconds. Is this normal after a few years? The cord is intact and everything seems to be normal. I have taken really good care of my blow dryer. Please let me know what I can do. Dermstore said if I can show proof that there is a warranty and I am able to get a new one I can send them the confirmation and they can send me a new one.

  2. I’ve used Harry Josh hair dryer for years and can say the craftsmanship is superb. I really enjoyed reading the post. Thanks for sharing.

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